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Message from the Managing Director
Environment and Safety

Gujarat Agrochem Limited is committed to the safety, health and commercial aspects of quality system practices. Constant monitoring and review is maintained to review performance indicators related to safety health and environment matters. Complete authority and effective corrective measures and preventive action shall be taken.

This is ensured through compliance with applicable regulation and laws, pertaining to safety health and environment and operations of the organisation, commitment of required resources, training and involvement of employees, vendors and related people.


Pressure Reducing Valve Boiler
Non Returning Valve  Vacuum Application
Pressure Gauge Manometer All Reactors, Tanks, Boilers, etc.
Rupture Disc TBN Reactor
Inter locking Cut off Switch TBN Stage
Hooter System TBN, 2CB, Chilling Plant Boiler
Flame Arrester and Vent Breather All solvent Storage Tanks
Lightning Arrester Top of Plant Building
Personal Protective Appliances Helmets, Hand Gloves, Nose Masks, Goggles, Gumboots, PVC Suits, Safety Belts, etc.
Fire Safety System Fire Extinguishers, Nitrogen Cylinders, Hydrant System.
Work Permit System Hot Work Permit, Vessels Entry Permit, Working at Night Permit.
Personal Hygiene Toilet and Bathing Facilities, Usage of Soap Powder.
Electrical Safety Earthing of Equipment, Flame Proof Fittings, Jumpers.
Medicals First Aid, Emergency Vehicles, Hospital at close proximity.
Environmental Aspects Green Belt Development, Gardens Development, Control Measures on Air and Water Pollution
Training Program Mock Drills implemented once in a Month

Occupational Health

Promoting a healthy lifestyle, improving well-being and protecting the health of employees are important elements of our occupational health program



The treatment facility consists of oil and grease trap, equalisation cum neutralisation tank, primary treatment and tertiary treatment, We are members of Common Effluent Treatment Facility at Panoli (PETL) for dispatching our effluent for further treatment.

We have a Solid Waste Incinerator of 500 Kg / day capacity (LDO fired)
Its Primary and Secondary Chambers can reach temperatures upto 1200 C
We are members of the Common Secured Land fill facility (BEIL) where ash and ETP sludge is dispatched. We have a Solid Waste Storage Area with impervious layer and confirming to the Leatchete Collection System.

Process Emission are connected to the Scrubber consisting of HCl as well as SO2 Scrubbing Systems. The Boilers and the Incinerators Stacks are designed as per the norms specified by the State Pollution Control Board.


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